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Hector’s Magic Roundabout Club GONE FISHING

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Nigel Erd from IT was in Ian Spectre’s office and they were both looking at a print out Nigel had generated upon Spectre’s request demand. You see, Spectre likes to pluck random HMRC customers with unreasonable demands, penalties and threatening letters because… well, because he’s only happy when he’s making someone else miserable. But today something wasn’t going the way it should in Spectre’s office…

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Wanna Live Longer? That’ll Cost Ya! – State Pension Changes

Posted by Warr Co in Financial advice, Latest Updates, Personal Accountancy, Self Employed Advice | 0 comments


The year is 2017 and we, as a human race, have made some impressive leaps in the past few decades. We’ve eradicated certain diseases, we’re creeping closer to effective cancer treatments and on the verge of curing Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Great stuff!

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How To Take Time Off Your Self Employed Job

Posted by Warr Co in Self Employed Advice | 0 comments


It’s hard, when you’re self-employed, every minute counts and the idea of having paid annual leave can be laughable. But is it possible? And why should you make time off a key priority if you’re self-employed?

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5 Ways Contractors Can Learn From their Closest Competitors

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It’s a small world. For some highly specialised contractors, it’s an extremely small world. Whether you’re one of a few highly skilled niche contractors in the UK or a contractor with a lot of competition to deal with, there are things you can learn from your competitors.

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Spectre The Philanthropist?

Posted by Warr Co in Ian Spectre, Latest Updates | 0 comments


Ian Spectre suffers from insomnia most nights, surprisingly not because he’s a terrible person and his conscience keeps him awake, but because he’s preoccupied with thinking up new ways to help Google and Apple avoid paying their taxes.

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Surcharge Fees to be Axed

Posted by Warr Co in Business advice, Latest Updates | 0 comments


That’ll be £1,298 for your flights and a £1.50 booking fee, thanks!

We expect it these days, the all too frequent ‘credit card’ charge that’s added at the checkout. Well it’s soon to become a thing of the past, saving UK citizens an estimated £500 million every year.

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What is a ‘Dependent Contractor’?

Posted by Warr Co in Latest Updates, Self Employed Advice | 0 comments


The newly published ‘Taylor Review’ has recommended a new employment status, the ‘Dependent Contractor’. But what does that mean exactly and are you a ‘Dependent Contractor’? We explain all in this blog.

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20 Myths About the Self Employed Lifestyle

Posted by Warr Co in Self Employed Advice | 0 comments


Ahh Self Employment, the joy it must be deciding whether or not you are going to work today. Plus your boss ALWAYS lets you take holidays whenever you want – you’re your own boss after all!

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Random Numbers And Acronyms

Posted by Warr Co in Ian Spectre | 0 comments


Ian Spectre was not the first in his family to work in Customer Care. That accolade goes to his great uncle, Ernest Spectre-Phillips, aka ESP, a man with an uncanny ability to predict future events. As a child Ian spent many hours listening in admiration to his great uncle talking about his work and achievements.

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The Investment Pitch Survival Guide

Posted by Warr Co in Business Accountancy, Business advice | 0 comments


It’s a very common scenario, you’ve got a brilliant business idea, you know how it’s going to make money, but as the saying goes; It takes money to make money. In this blog we’re giving you our best advice on how to survive and succeed at an investment pitch.

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