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Specialist Locum Accountants

Accountants for locum professionals

Warr & Co Locum Accountants have been helping locum professionals reach their full potential for over 30 years. Unlike larger, national accountancy firms who cater for locum professionals, Warr & Co can offer you a tailored service, we know our clients individual requirements and work with you to help you manage your business effectively. With Warr & Co you will not just be a number on a spreadsheet, you’ll find your business is cared for an nurtured by financial professionals who really care about the success of your locum business.

Often, working as a locum will help you earn more than a full time position. However living la vida locum does mean that you’re responsible for finding contracts, increased travel, increased financial responsibilities and above all, flexbility.

So it’s easy to understand why locums often require professional assistance to keep their books in order and ensure their take home pay is optimised. Our locum accounting services start at less than £1 per day for sole traders and less than £1.70 per day for Limited Companies.

With Warr & Co, you’ll also have the opportunity to utilise one of our three approved cloud accounting softwares for only £7 per month – a discounted rate* available exclusively to Warr & Co clients. So you can update your accounting team and have an overview of your business’ finances at a click of a button or a tap on your smartphone.

We aim to help make running your locum business as simple, easy and effective as possible.

*discounted rates are against services’ own list price.

Sole Trader

£350ex VAT per year

Limited Company

£600ex VAT per year

Our Locum Accounting Services

The Warr & Co locum accounting team have experience in completing accounts for many locum specialities. In particular, we specialise in accounting services for Locum GPs and Pharmacy Locums. Click through below to see more information abut our specific services for Doctors and Pharmacists.

For all other locum professions, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to offer you a free no-obligation consultation.

Pharmacy Locum Accounting

Locum accountants for pharmacists

Doctor Locum Accounting

Locum accountants for doctors

Umbrella or Limited Company for Locums?

While an umbrella company may seem to offer you all you wish for with minimum hassle, it’s best to go by the old saying, ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is’.

Yes, you may find an umbrella company for Locums that suits your needs, but it’s very likely you’ll end up taking home less of your hard-earned pay that way.

For locums we strongly believe that Sole Trader or a Limited Company is the way to go. And if you’re looking for the service level offered by an umbrella company, look no further.

Warr & Co understand that every client is different and will have different requirements. That’s why we can offer either a standard package covering all aspects of your financial management or a custom built package.

Locum Accounting services

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