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Accountants in London, without the London price tag! If you’re looking for an accounting firm in London who will treat your businesses with the kind of personalised attention that you pay to your own business, look no further.

Many accountants in London will not be able to offer you the personalised attention that Warr & Co can. While our firm’s home is in the North West, we’ve always maintained a presence in London for the convenience of our clients in the city.

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Why Are We Better Than Other Accountants in London?

Typically accountants in London have expensive offices and higher than average costs, in turn this means the rates they charge clients may be higher than average. Being money-minded professionals, Warr & Co made the decision to locate their main offices in the North West with a satellite office in London. The result is that we can pass on our personalised approach and lower than average fees to our client base in London.

We understand that if you’re looking for an accountant in London, you’re looking for convenience. That’s why we have a satellite office in Liverpool Street, just 150 steps from the Tube station. We’re always flexible and if you need to see your accountant in London on a particular day, we can usually make it happen.

Our clients in London are also offered our more personal, tailored service levels, levels you’re unlikely to find in the larger, busy London accountancy practices. Your business is not just a number on a spreadsheet to us, we take an interest in every business we work with and help you maximise your opportunities.

Our highly experienced accountancy team have always been quick to embrace new technology, so if more convenient, we’re happy to conduct meetings via phone Skype or screenshare.


Accounting Services Offered in London

Our accountants in London offer the full range of services available at Warr & Co. These include, but are not limited to; accounting for contractors, small business accounting, forensic accounting, locum pharmacist and doctor’s accounting, and tax planning for businesses and individuals.

contractor accountants in london

If you’re looking for a contractor accountant in London, you’ve come to the right place. The accountants at Warr & Co are expert contractor accountants dealing regularly with business consultants, IT contractors, freelancers and locums. Click below to learn more about the services on offer.

sme accountants in London

We currently assist many small to medium businesses in London, including start-ups and sole trader partnerships. We tailor our services to your requirements, so whether you just need a helping hand come tax season or a reliable team to take over everything finance, we’re here to help your business grow.

Locum accountants in Londond

We’ve worked with locum professionals for decades, but have noticed a sharp rise in those seeking our help in recent years. Locum doctors and pharmacists are in high demand, let us handle the complex world of locum finances while you handle the career. Click to read more.

Flat manangement in London

Many blocks of flats or apartments in London already have Flat Management Companies set up, or could benefit from one. We can help you set up and manage this company, helping you to manage tax and finances and stay compliant. If our help and expertise is of interest to you, click below to find out more.

Forensic accounting in London

Our team are highly experienced in assisting clients who need information about their business or finances for use in legal settings. We supply financial auditing and investigative auditing to clients in London as well as any dispute or claim where money is involved. Click here to read more about this service.

Tax Planning in London

We can help you minimise tax, whether it be in business or personal tax. Our team of expert accountants are ready to assist you with Income Tac, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax, to name a few. Our advice will be tailored to your particular circumstances, click below to find out more about tax planning in London.

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